amy esplen
amy esplen

The process of making paper reflects my own experience of the becoming a graphic designer. 

  • My recipe for making paper consist of shredding endless drafts of projects. 
  • Adding water (hydration is important) 
  •  Dipping the screen into the tub, collecting only the best pieces well straining away the unwanted bits.
  •  Soaking up the excess liquid with a towel (less is more) 
  • Refine the edges
  • Let the paper dry
  • Now you have a new piece of paper made from three years of information and education moulded into a designer ready for the next adventure!

George Brown Collage - Advanced Diploma, Graphic Design

(2016- April 2018)

Parsons School of Design - Summer Course, Graphic Design

(Summer 2015)

Wilfrid Laurier University - Bachelor's Degree, Arts